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Upholstery Cleaning in Concord & Charlotte

We provide upholstery cleaning with our truck mount steam cleaning equipment. Most of our competitors use an upholstery cleaning wand that is a mini version of the carpet cleaning wand. The wand that we use has a jet in the front and a metal plate with a slit in the back where the dirty water is sucked back into the waste tank.

The easiest way to explain is that it works like a water razor blade.  The water skims over the plate and shears the dirt and grime off of the surface of the fabric. The great thing about the wand is that it leaves the padding and backing dry. Usually the fabric is dry to the touch in about 5-6 hours. I do recommend that you give the furniture a full 24 hours before use.

We can also apply a Scotch guard / Furniture protector to help keep your furniture clean longer and bioenzyme / deodorizer to kill any unsightly odors. 


You Wash Your Bedding & Clothes Right?

Upholstery Cleaning Is so important because of the build of dirt and germs.
Would you wear the same cloths day after day with cleaning them?
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With thorough furniture cleaning, Concord & Charlotte homeowners will find their furniture free of household dust, dust mites, pollen, dander and other chemicals dangerous to lungs and overall health.

With regular and thorough upholstery cleaning, Charlotte & Concord homeowners will also find restored beauty and freshness in all their furniture fabrics.

No matter where you live, furniture is subjected to an array of soils on a daily basis. Body oils, spills, dust, pet dander, pollens, food debris, and a variety of other things can alter the appearance of upholstery if not cleaned regularly.

We are specialists in treating and cleaning any kind of upholstered furniture. This includes upholstery materials such as: cotton, linen, wool, brocade, microfiber, suede, velvet, velour, corduroy, needlepoint, down furniture, delicate fabrics and a variety of others.

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