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No Hassle Guarantee

Classic Cleaning Service wants to put you at ease. We are so confident in our process that we guarantee results. When we arrive, we’ll clean a small area of carpet for you. If you are not 100% satisfied with what you see, we’ll leave with no questions unanswered and no charge to you.
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See Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Is So Important

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Germs You Don't Have To Live With

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Carpet Germs

The average carpet can contain 8 times its weight in dust, dirt and other unwanted particles and contains hundreds of times more bacteria per square inch than a toilet seat. And that’s just the average!

Do you know how nasty your carpet actually is? You might not want to think about it but how often do your kids crawl on your carpet? Acting now could help you prevent exposing your family to harmful chemicals, bacteria and allergens.

Our Carpet Cleaning Service Kills GERMS!
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Spills and Stains - Solved for Good

Deep stains in carpet or upholstery can ruin the look of a room. It’s tempting to think that it takes harsh detergents or strong chemicals to get stains out. However, the truth is detergents always leave behind a soapy residue—and soapy residue actually attracts dirt and oil towards the fibers of your carpet or furniture. Furthermore, some chemicals can damage fine fabrics.

Classic Cleaning Service offers a better, more permanent answer. Our deep carpet cleaning solution leaves behind zero residue —meaning your carpet and upholstery stay cleaner, longer.

We love our pets! But the fact is they bring in dirt and don't clean up after themselves.

Th is why it is so important to do a regular DEEP Carpet Cleaning to help to Sanitize the the areas were our pets go. No one does it better in the Concord and Charlotte markets like Classic Cleaning Service.

You love your family and want to keep them healthy and feeling great. Let our professional carpet cleaning service help you do that!
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Certified & Trained

Classic Cleaning Service has used many different types of cleaning methods, and all have their place. It is like a tool box. If you need a screw driver, a hammer will not fix the problem. The same goes for the different types of cleaning methods.

The number one recommended way to clean your carpet is the truck mounted steam cleaning method. As important as the type of cleaning method that you use is the training of the technician that is using the equipment.

At Classic Cleaning Service, we are IICRC certified. Our technicians are trained in many types of cleaning methods, from truck mount steam extraction, bonnet cleaning, potable carpet cleaners, and shampooing.