Commercial Services

It is our goal to provide you with affordable solutions to maintaining the carpets at your place of business.  Whether it's a one time cleaning or a maintenance package, we have the solution to your needs.  We use our expert training and proven process to address deep cleaning solutions and quick touch ups.


Commercial Office Carpet Cleaning in Charlotte & Concord

Classic Cleaning Service Charlotte and Concord Commercial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service makes it easy to turn your stained and dirty carpet sparkling clean in 3 simple steps.

1-Contact Us For a Commercial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Appointment:
Call Classic Cleaning Service to arrange for an appointment and discuss your carpet & upholstery cleaning needs.

2-Professional Commercial Carpet & upholstery Cleaning Charlotte and Concord:
Our carpet cleaning professionals will come to your office, retail store, or commercial building to evaluate and clean your carpet & upholstery. They will let you know all of your options before providing a written estimate that includes every step of the proposed job. Reliable & professional service. We will handle every aspect of the job so you don’t have to. Our service will give your carpet & upholstery a new look.

3-Follow Up
Once your professional carpet & upholstery cleaning is finished, our cleaning professionals will thoroughly inspect what they’ve cleaned, making sure that everything meets your approval.

Get Started On Your Office’s New Look Today!
To get your carpet & upholstery look great again, call Classic Cleaning Service commercial carpet & upholstery cleaning.

Maintenance Plans

Whether it is a big project or small project, we will provide you with the free on-site estimate when requested. Our maintenance plans make sure that you are getting the best service for the best price

We will keep your working environment in top shape.

Tile and Grout Cleaning / Commercial Tile Stripping and Waxing

We use many different types of cleaning methods from Chemical stripping methods to our latest truck mount steam cleaning method called the SX12. This piece of equipment is a state of the art piece of equipment. This equipment allows us as cleaning professionals to use high steam, around 250 degrees and around 1000 psi to blast out all of the unsightly dirt and grime from all of the small crevices that your residential tile and grout may contain.

The SX 12 not only allows us to blast the dirt and grime out it also contains the dirty water and automatically extracts it into our waste tank mounted into our truck mount steam cleaning equipment. There is no way an individual can clean hard surfaces as well as a professional cleaning service with proper training can do. 

Keep The Church Carpet Clean...

If you work at or for a church, school or medical office, chances are that your location sees an awful lot of foot traffic.  While this is great for business, it’s hell on your carpets.  That’s where Classic Cleaning Service steps in!  We specialize in removing the toughest stains and providing medical office, church and school carpet cleaning.  A clean environment is a top priority for your employees, clients, and customers.

We are able to remove the toughest stains, and spots won’t reappear. More importantly, by eliminating soapy residue and unnecessary chemicals, visitors won’t have to worry about allergic reactions or sensitivities to pathogens that can develop from other less environmentally-friendly processes. Classic Cleaning Service is your church carpet and tile cleaning specialist.

How Clean Carpet Impacts Your Church

Child Development Carpet Cleaning

Child Development Centers and Day Cares are trusted to look after our children and keep them healthy. Classic Cleaning Service helps them Child Development Centers to reach that goal. Below are the standards set forth by the EPA and State of North Carolina.

Vacuum carpets at least daily or more frequently if needed, to pick up spills of food and other particles. Carpets should be thoroughly cleaned (steam cleaning recommended) every 3 months or as needed. Steam or hot water extraction cleaning is typically done by a service using equipment mounted on a truck or by a portable system brought inside the building. Hot water is sprayed under high pressure into the carpet and immediately vacuumed out along with dirt.

When done properly, steam cleaning can clean even heavily soiled carpets. Sometimes detergent is also used, but low quality detergent, too much detergent, or overly concentrated detergent may leave sticky residues that can attract dirt. In case of blood or body fluid spills, wash thoroughly and rinse.


15A NCAC 18A .2824 FLOORS
Wall to wall carpets shall be cleaned using extraction methods at least once each six months. Cleaning materials including surfactants, solvents and water shall be removed from the carpet before the space is reoccupied. When hot water extraction is used, carpet shall be completely dry within 12 hours of cleaning.